Built for Enterprise

ChatGPT Made Safe For Business

Embrace the latest LLM technology, with guardrails to protect your data and your business.

  • Utilise ChatGPT, without your data being used for training.
  • Rules to prevent sensitive information being leaked.
  • Analytics to understand usage and use cases.
  • Peace of mind


    Features built for compliance and legal teams to ensure they meet their obligations and protect their organization whilst allow employees to embrace the power of ChatGPT.

  • Capture and store all communications.
  • Access to an immutable audit trail.
  • Identify compliance violations (e.g. sensitive infomation) and flag them for review.
  • Monitor & Audit

    Monitor users and record all outbound and inbound messages.

    Data Loss Prevention

    Prevent users from sharing sensitive data with external AIs.

    Multiple LLM

    Choose the best chat AI for your business or department needs.


    Discover how the AI is being used in your organisation.


    Multiple users collaborating with the AI all in the same channel.


    Email, Slack, Teams, WhatsApp, Telegram, Discord, and more.


    Security is paramount at Recensus and we have taken care to ensure all data is collected and stored in a safe manner. Recensus adhere to industry certifications and uses the best in class security technologies.

    • PCI DSS Compliant
    • GDPR Compliant
    • ISO 27001 Compliant
    • AES256 encryption at rest
    • TLS encryption in transit
    • Zero-trust network
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    What Our Clients Say?

    Picture of George

    As a forward thinking organisation we want to embrace AI technology, but we need visability and some control. Recensus gives us exactly that.

    Pip George
    Picture of Scanlon

    Recensus has given us the confidence to allow employees to use ChatGPT. It was simple to set up, operates in the background, and makes everything easy.

    Patricia Scanlon
    Picture of Ganly

    With this technology moving so quickly, it's hugely helpful to have real data on who and how it's being used in our organisation.

    Mark Ganly


    Pricing to suit every business.

    $20 /User

    • 30 day free trial
    • EU Servers
    • 500 Message Limit
    • Basic Analytics
    • Basic Rules

    $30 /User

    • 30 day free trial
    • EU or US Servers
    • Unlimited Messages
    • Advanced Analytics
    • Custom Rules

    Contact Us
    • EU or US Servers
    • Self-hosted option
    • Unlimited Messages
    • Unlimited Analytics
    • Unlimited Rules
    • Unlimited Users

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